Team Picture Schedules 2014


Monday July 21 5:15 u6 yellow 5:45 u16 girls travel 6:15 u6 green 6:45 u6 blue 7:15 u6 orange Tuesday July 22 6:15 u15 boys travel 6:45 u12 girls travel 7:15 u10 boys travel 7:45 u10 girls travel Wednesday July 23 5:45 u10 orange 6:15 u10 green 7:15 u10 yellow 7:45 u10 blue Thursday July […]

2014 FIFA World Cup TV Match Schedule

2014 FIFA World Cup TV Schedule

Get Your DVR Ready!  Holley Soccer Club has put together your officially unofficial 2014 FIFA World Cup TV Match Schedule.  Click HERE to download and print. *** Check your local listings for match time changes… we don’t want to be responsible for you missing USA’s big upsets against Germany and Portugal